Welcome to the S.E.A.L. website!

The Society of Ethical Attorneys at Law (SEAL) is destined to become one of the most respected legal organizations in the country. Why? Because our focus is different than that of any other legal organization. We are non-profit, non-partisan, tax exempt and have no affiliation with any segment of the legal profession. Our goal is simple—to publicly promote the integrity of lawyers! In short, SEAL exists exclusively to advance the positive public image of attorneys and the profession of practicing law. This is what it is all about—the reason you joined the profession in the first place.

ALL ATTORNEYS ARE WELCOME along with anybody closely associated with the practice of law.  It doesn’t matter what your practice area is, what your politics are, or whom you represent.  SEAL focuses upon the commonality that ALL attorneys share—a noble and honored profession.

Our name says it all.  Attorneys who proudly display the “SEAL of Approval” send a message to the public about how they do business—ETHICALLY!

We know that the practice of law is a noble and honorable profession.  For centuries people have turned to lawyers in their darkest hours of need.  Lawyers responded—protecting those in need, defending liberty and a system of laws, and speaking for those who needed an advocate.  Yet, despite this noble and storied history, often the entire profession is vilified in the media and in small groups around America.

Often, the attacks on the profession are the result of the acts of a few bad lawyers who have stained the rest.  Every practice area has made room for these few, and every practice area has room for improvement in the ranks.

Part of SEAL’s goal is to  

  • promote the good that attorneys do

  • denounce the bad acts of the few

  • rebuild the public trust in law

So ask yourself—

Are you an ethical attorney or an ethical person closely associated with the law?

Do you believe that the practice of law is a noble profession?

Do you believe that the actions of a few “bad apples” can reflect negatively upon all attorneys?

Do you believe that there is room to improve the public’s image of the practice of law?

Would you like to be associated with those attorneys who care about their clients and thus reflect positively upon us all?

THEN JOIN the Society of Ethical Attorneys at Law today!